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Thread: VH command not working on PRT 4g board.

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    Default VH command not working on PRT 4g board.

    Machine: PRT with 4g upgrade
    Software: SB3 version 3.6.46

    Problem: Torch height control only sends z axis down, never up despite input #1 being high or low.

    Diagnostic steps taken:
    (I) Conducted Torch Height Diagnostic test from Shopbot docs.

    1. Enable torch height control with VN,,,1
    2. Turn on height control with VH,1
    3. Make a move in the x or y axis
    4. Z-axis should rise
    5. Use a jumper wire between #1 INPUT and ground
    6. Z-axis should drop

    (Results: Z-axis never rises, only drops)

    (II) Created toolpath using Partwizard and Shopbot plasma post.

    (Results: THC inputs recognized, operates as expected, except z-axis only drops)

    (III) Ran test on Shopbot versions 3.5.10 and 3.6.46

    (Results: same Z-axis never rises, only drops)


    It seems to be a firmware problem.
    I base this statement on the fact that you can see all the inputs go high and low in the SB3 control panel, which implies all the hardware checks out.


    I know plasma is legacy hardware to shopbot and no longer supported, however the [VH] and [VN] commands are still in the current Shopbot command Reference and should operate as stated.

    I'm at a dead end, please help!


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    To add to the diagnostics. The [VH] command will not stay set on any of the 4g firmwares. I ran the old PRT standard firmware 3.4.27 and at least the [VH] command stays set on it....
    Does this mean the [VH] command has been disabled in the firmware for 4g boards?

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    Hey Daniel,

    Your best bet for getting useful info is to contact tech support at ShopBot.


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    Thanks Bill, I'm doing that today. I also reached out to Chris Burns. I know plasma is legacy, but the VH, VN commands are still current in the Command Reference manual, so should operate in theory.

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