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Thread: C2 not working correctly.

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    Default C2 not working correctly.

    Hello all. My CNC machine is giving me troubles while trying to C2. It comes all the way down to the Z-plate, touches, and says that it has been C2. I start up my program and it doesn't C2. The bit doesn't touch the wood. I have to stop the program and C2 it all over again and then it actually works. Any Help?

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    Does the bit almost touch the wood? If it is very close you may need to make an edit for the thickness of you Z-plate. In the Shopbot Console, under Tools, select Shopbot setup, the 3rd page is for setting up the Z-Zero plate. You will need a micrometer to accurately measure the thickness of your Z-plate. Save your settings and run the C2 program again.


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