I used my PRT standard Monday, everything worked just fine. When I was done and shut the shop down for the day, I turned the control box off. This morning I went to cut a file and I started the software program first, then turned on the control box. It came up with an error message.

Invalid expression [special use only (20-340)&

Thinking it was a problem finding the machine I turned both off and restart, but the same message pops up. I hit OK and it continues to start Then this error pops up

The Remote Stop Button connected to input #4 appears to be on and needs checked
(Or if an 'alpha' ShopBot, you may have forgotten to hit the reset Button after turning the control box on)

Not an Alpha. So I check the Stop button and cycle it a couple times , still the error persists. I take the top cover off and check the switches (appear to be OK) put it back together and reboot computer and restart control box. The first two errors go away, so I think I'm ready to Zero the machine (Z) and start cutting.

I give it an M2 12, 5 command and the machine only moves in the x direction, Y stays at 0. Even though the display says Y is at 5. I turn the control box off and restart the the program and give it a JH command. it begins then grinds to a halt about 4" away from the 0,0 position. I give another MX -4 command and get this message.

X Axis Beyond software table limits !
'OK' to temporarily Disable Limit checking and continue this file or Move.

Now just any command I give it that error message comes up.
What sort of demons have possessed my prt? I really would appreciate any help you can give me.

Oh, I upgraded to V4,17 control board about a year ago.