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Thread: How tram spindle front to back (X-Z plane)

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    Default How tram spindle front to back (X-Z plane)

    I'm using the Shopbot PRSalpha 96-48 Model 10216-01 at my makerspace. I noticed the spindle is not vertical from front to back (X-Z place). I know how to adjust left and right by loosening the 6 hex bolts behind the spindle. But how do you adjust in the front-back direction?

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    You have to loosen the V rollers on the gantry. They are eccentric so you can raise and lower them to tip the spindle forward and backwards. You can probably do it with an allen key, but you might also need a low profile wrench. Ones for bike maintenance can do it. I don't remember the size, but ShopBot support can tell you.

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