We have a PRS A 48x96 c 2015 that is equipped with the digitizing probe. It's a profoundly useful device but unfortunately monopolizes the shopbot's time for appx 12 hours. We make custom piano keyboards and to ensure they will match the piano we must scan the action "stack" somehow. But since we often need to machine keyboard blanks further along in production this is a bottleneck.

And no, we cannot afford another shopbot nor do we have the shop space for it in the near or foreseeable future.

We have been looking into 3d laser scanning technology and have come across several stumbling blocks.
1)They are prohibitively expensive
2)Their control software does not interface with vetrics or shopbot as an engraving laser would.
a. We have a jtech phtonics laser that has a post processor for vetrics
that would indicate that a 3d scanning laser should be possible to
do the same.
3)The control software they come with does not export data in a file at is readable by AutoCad (preferably a .dxf file)

This list only applies to the 3d laser scanners we have found. Is there a laser scanner that would allow us to essentially plug and play similar to how the digitizing probe functions with copy machine or engraving laser functions with a post processor?

Our budget is appx $2k

We've even looked into using a dedicated smartphone with facial recognition tech that has an app for 3d scanning, but was a total **** shoot from we could tell. Its about as precise as a blunderbuss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!