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Thread: Shopbots for sale 60 x 120

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    Post Shopbots for sale 60 x 120

    This machine is a awesome. it was a 4010 AXYZ machine that I converted to a shopbot controller (A2ZShopbot). It will run the limits on speed of the shopbot controller. It has a 5hp Colombo spindle with er32 collet holder. Could be setup for ATC. Has two addition Air drills that can be setup. Has Zero z plate and Proximity switches on X, Y and Z.

    It runs on 240v single phase. I have several of them and can convert them to three phase also.
    Location is West Tennessee.
    The machines where in production and are being replaced with new ones. I have seven of them, keeping two for my self, keeping another and using as a plasma cutter with UCCNC controller. So that will leave 4 to sale.

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