I made these cabin plaques for a friend's ranch property. I have cut them and put the first coat of sealer on them. I will get a few coats of sealer on and then I will spray them black to fill the lettering, then sand off the excess and hit it with one more coat of sealer.

I also need to turn them over and put a keyhole into the back side to hang them by. I will make a positional holder on the table (probably a scrap of plywood that is milled to the outside dimensions of the plaque. When doing this, I always make sure to remember to put finger pull positions in 2-3 places around the part, so it can be easily lifted back out.
I also oversize by .003-.005" so it is a snug but easy fit, and then set each one in to mill the keyhole in it)

Anyway: My little evening project. Don't tell the the rancher. He doesn't know yet!HRYX0751[1].jpgHCYO1452[1].jpg