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Thread: Spindle, AFD & Air Drill

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    Talking Spindle, AFD & Air Drill

    Hey all! You may have seen my air drill listed:

    I've decided to see if there's interest in my entire spindle/air drill setup:

    Pictures are here:

    This is the setup that I had on my machine and I just took it off a few weeks ago. It's a 3hp 18k RPM spindle along with a double valve air drill.

    The spindle is an aftermarket unit that was put on only a few months ago. (my new ATC spindle was delayed so I had to buy something to tide me over)

    Everything in the setup works just fine. This would be an excellent upgrade for anyone who's got a router or a worn out spindle. If you have a PRS this entire setup is a bolt up affair. The wiring is very easy, and you can use the directions provided by ShopBot. This could be completed in a few hours with no permanent modifications to your machine.

    Even though this air drill is aftermarket, it works exactly like the ShopBot one. The VFD is from ShopBot.

    With this setup you get:

    -Yaskawa V7-4X varispeed VFD, programmed for the spindle
    -Spindle power wire
    -PRS Spindle mount plate
    -Shars ER20 collet set and wrenches (.5" - 1/16")

    -Ingersoll Rand Double Valve Air drill
    -Air drill mount plates (yellow side plates and Delrin block
    -Two solenoids with all needed air hoses and fittings
    -Mount plate for solenoids
    -Keyless chuck on air drill

    I'm willing to break this apart too, obviously I have the air drill listed separately. If someone wanted just the spindle setup I'd be willing to talk about that.

    For this entire bolt up setup I'm looking for $2300 or best offer.

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    Price drop: $2100

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