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    Hi Everyone-

    A muralist friend has asked me if I can make a "large tree" for an office project he's quoting. The trunk needs to be 11ft high and around 15-20" in diameter. The upper portion of the trunk would start to "branch" out towards the cieling where the muralist would take over painting branches, leaves, etc.

    I design and build cabinetry. I have used my 4x8 PRS Alpha for some other things, but I would need some assistance to pull this off. I am looking for someone who can design a nice maple tree trunk STL file and create a partworks 3D toolpath file.

    I know there is a "slicing" feature that would allow "keyed" layers of sign foam to be stacked into shape, but completely open on technique.

    This would be a paying job, but currently just need to ballpark numbers. Anyone interested?

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    Sorry for the late reply, just saw the thread.

    IDK if this will help you but Dan Swatski, a well respected sign artist (one of the few people in the sign business that I'd actually consider an artist) has made up a bunch of CNC woodgrain files. There are 35+ and they cost $150 for the set. I'm still in the process of installing my shopbot or would consider helping out. IIRC I can't post a direct link but google "signcraft" magazine and head to their fonts and clipart store. I've seen the woodgrains in use and they are well worth the $. Google "imagination corporation" in British Columbia and you will see Dan's work, it's amazing.

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    There is no need for cnc work on a job like this....a tree is simply need to just build this by hand....sometimes people just overthink things....

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