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Thread: Regen Blower Specs

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    Default Regen Blower Specs

    Hello all,

    I'm looking to upgrade my vacuum hold down sys. Leaning towards a regen blower and the two I'm looking at are the Atlantic AB-900 11.5HP and the Republic HRC 1002 11.5HP.

    The Atlantic one is rated at 399 CFM and produces 177in H2O of vacuum pressure which is about 13in Hg

    The Republic one is rated at 227 CFM and produces 185in H2O of vacuum pressure (13.6 in Hg)

    I'm mostly cutting plywood and my work area is 4x10 with 5 zones.

    Which of the two do you think will be better, or maybe the rotary vane is a better fit for what I do and should be back into consideration?

    Thank you!!!

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    More CFM is more better.

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