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Thread: New to Shopbot, need some info PLEASE

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    Default New to Shopbot, need some info PLEASE

    hello all.

    we just acquired an older (circa 2005) 4'X8' PRT alpha. it does have an incredibly old PC running parts wizard 2 and the shopbot control software. this thing is incredibly slow, and who knows how long it'll work for.......

    We have the parts wizard 2 disc, but it will not install on windows 10 even in compatibility mode.

    can someone clue me in on what i would need to do to upgrade to a windows 10 PC? what software can i replace parts wizard with?

    i do have Corel Technical suite 2019 that i can design in, so i am thinking i just need something to create the tool paths and send the file to the router?

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    Look into the various products from Vectric. If you really want to try using Parts Wiz (can't imagine why ;-), you could set up a virtual machine running Windows XP using VirtualBox.

    SB3 will run on Win10, but be sure you configure it properly. A search of the forum should get you that info instead of rehashing it here.
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    Not sure if it helps, but this is my tidbit of knowledge on a similar topic.

    We have an older 16bit software system at work, and one problem I have had is the 64 bit computers will not run it. You can run 16 on a 32 bit, and 32 on a 64 bit. But a 16 bit program won't run on a 64. Unfortunately all of the newer CAD software only runs on 64.

    Now I have 2 computers. One for handling the older stuff and a Cadillac (yard sale find) for the new CAD.

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