I had the video card in my ancient (Windows XP) control machine die and figured it was past time to upgrade the machine rather than try to find a replacement video card.

I re-installed Windows 10 on a recently retired desktop machine. Boy, was THAT a pain in the rear end! I finally got it up and running, removed all the unneeded junk that got installed, and loaded my SB3 software. Then I took it for a drive (in Preview mode).

Most things seem to be working fine, but... one routine I developed and used on the old machine doesn't work any more. At the end of that routine (the .sbp file) I put in some user input capability to allow me to repeat with some adjustment to cutting depths. On the new machine, when it hits that point I see the keystroke repeated but the logic that follows (after I hit Enter) is not working.

Anyone had this happen in an upgrade to Windows 10? What did I miss?