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Thread: Router to Spindle Upgrade

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    Default Router to Spindle Upgrade

    I have the opportunity to purchase a 2.2Kw Teknomotor, 24k rpm, dual nose bearing, air cooled spindle from someone. It was recently professionally rebuilt and the price is $300. I want to put it on my relatively new (2013) PRS Standard Shopbot Buddy to replace the PC router. I am trying to understand what else I will need besides a VFD to get it installed. I am just a hobbyist and not subjecting it to a large duty cycle.

    Is the Teknomotor is a reliable spindle?

    Is there some kind of speed control interface that I will need from Shopbot? I am running Vectric Vcarve Pro.

    Where to get correct cables?

    Suggestions for VFD?

    Thanks for any input, Mike

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    Could talk with someone at Teknomotor to see what they recommend for a VFD for the specific model. Single phase or 3 phase availability in your shop. Any electrical supply or electrician should be able to come up with needed cabling for from panel to control box, control box to VFD, and VFD to spindle (shielded for this one).

    VFD would need to have the option of rpm control via RS. I happen to have one of the SB speed controllers for sale if needed.

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    Did you figure out what you needed Mike? I'm looking into upgrading to a spindle on my 2007 PRS Standard and wondering the same things.

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