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Thread: Table out of square?

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    Default Table out of square?

    Good morning.

    I recently acquired a 2016 PRS Alpha ATC. I was experimenting with a product that is symmetric. I ran it face up for one operation, then flipped it over for a secondary operation. I put some locating holes in the spoilboard to be able to locate it precisely. That's when I noticed that it did NOT line up with the cut-out lines from the previous operation.

    I am assuming that this has to be the result of the table being out of square. However, when we unloaded the machine and leveled it, we also checked for square. What else can I do?

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    It could also be that your gantry has been torqued. I suggest checking the squareness of your table again. The simplest and most accurate method is to measure diagonal corners. It's far better than using a square. Once you have assurances that the table is square, run the gantry to the end and be check the distance between the ends of the table to the edge of the gantry.

    While you're at it, check for the table sides being absolutely parallel by taking the covers off the gantry trolley (the wheels that run against the hardened steel runner on top of the sides) and be check that the trolly wheels on both sides sit in the V. As you move the gantry by hand (electrically disconnect the X motors first), it should be smooth, without binding and the trolly wheels should stay exactly centered.
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    Here is a file to square your table I have used it several times I got it off the Shopbot forum years ago but still works
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