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    Hi has anyone used the Vectric trim feature to make mouldings longer than your machine bed. The problem I am having is that I am getting a step where the profiles overlap to continue down the length. Any ideas why this would occur? Thanks.

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    I’ve been systematically replaceing the builder grade moldings in my home… because my house has several archtop windows, I went against my own advice and made them myself. I have several suggestions for you…

    1.) Don’t do it! Reserve the vectric molding toolpath feature for short pieces of unavailable/historical replacement pieces!

    2.) There are several reasons why you could be getting a step at overlaps…
    a. your spoilboard isn’t dead flat
    b. your Z axis isn’t dead plumb
    c. your alignment jig isn’t dead parellel to the X axis
    d. your overlap of toolpaths isn’t great enough to account for the ball end mill’s radius
    e. todays temperature and/or humidity isn’t the same as yesterdays.
    f. inconsistancy of material thickness

    These are just the begining of issues you could be experiancing!

    3.) I have a twin Z - 48X48 PRT Alpha. Because of how they did the 2 - Z’s way back then, I can squeeze 55” of X axis for each Z axis (Z&A) but only have 48” common between them… so… my moldings are all in 55” sections. This means how carefully I install them determines the success of the project!

    Here are some things I’ve learned from experience and from picking a trim carpenter’s brains:
    a. Don’t put doorcasing seems at eye level
    b. Take extra care leveling and aligning splices… more than normal!
    c. Caulk, fill and sand seems… it’s best when the trim we’re talking about is painted, not stained!
    d. Plan on multiple coats of paint.

    I’m pleased with how my project has turned out… but it was/is a labor of love, not a job that’s time critical.


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    Thanks for the input. Unfortunately for me the mouldings I require just don't exist and all of them have a natural finish. Nothing is painted.
    As to point 2. I have already ruled all of those out. I always surface, cut the jigs in place on the table and run the profiles same day.

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    Here is a new attempt. I replaced the control board.

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