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    Default Dewalt 618

    Anyone using the Dewalt 618 router, the suggested replacement for the PC 7518, with a 1/2" cutter?

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    Really....not one person, company or animal. I let this porter Cable motor situation sneak up on us. Looks like we are the last dog at the table. hmmm

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    I got caught in the Porter Cable shut down/unavailability pre and during covid supply chain BS. I had purchased a Bora PM-254 from Home Depot because it fit and my 4th PC 7518 was screaming at me. It finally quit and I inserted the Bora. I was really sweating because the reviews on this was not so good. It is still going strong in my Shopbot and I can still carry on a conversation when it is running. Last year Bora came out with a newer model, the PM-6200 with ER collets and it was available. I bought one (Acme Tools 8-30-2021 for $270) as a backup which is still in the box. Can't wait to use the collets some day! Amazon has the newer PM-6200 for $300. Can't say enough good about the Bora. I still have 4 mostly broke Porter Cable big ones in a box if someone wants them!
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