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Thread: 3 1/4 HP router availability

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    Default 3 1/4 HP router availability

    Just noticed that Woodcraft and Amazon are selling the Bora Portamate PM-P254 router motor again. And the price is very reasonable again. This is a direct replacement for the discontinued PC-7518. The quality of the one I have been using for the past year has been great. My dust collector makes more noise than this router. It is much smoother and quieter than the 7518 and is varable speed and soft start. I have 4 non functioning PC's in boxes.
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    Man, I could've used this post 9 months ago. Luckily, I was able to have two non-functional Porter Cable routers rebuilt.

    Then, of course, I sold that ShopBot and got a PRSAlpha ATC.

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