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Thread: Pocket last trim problem

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    Default Pocket last trim problem

    I've asked this years age and the problem hasn't gone away yet. After the pocket is hogged out...the last pass cleans the edge but it cuts about .003 deeper than the actual pocket! It always has the extra depth to it. Is there any way to fix this? My Z axis is not loose. Even when I do a table plane...the last pass is slightly deeper. So frustrating.

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    Have you checked your part file to see if it is giving a different z height for the 2 processes? I run non-blue router and I was having a problem with the first pass not going deep enough. Looking at the z-commands in the file and watching the readout while it was running, everything should have been right. I found there was a little slop in my z-lift mechanism and for whatever reason it would drop after the first slow z move.

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