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    Running a job today on my 1824 desktop, in the middle of a job the X axis started acting up. It would go forward about a half and inch and then backwards a half of an inch. The display said it was continuing to move even when it wasn't. Took off the deck, unplugged everything, tried to move the gantry with the same results. There is nothing physical stopping the movement.

    Any and all suggestions appreciated. I'm going to put this machine up for sale and I don't want the new owner to have any problems.

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    Tom, from SB tech support emailed me this link:

    Suggested with a 18x24 machine of my year of production, this would most likely fix my problem. Haven't tried it yet, BUT, tech support on a Saturday on a holiday weekend????


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    I'd try the easiest thing first.
    Never had it go back and forth, but have had it act like it had hit a hard stop and shudder in place while #s climbed.
    Unplug machine and computer from power/leave for a few minutes/replug and start Desktop and then computer and SB3.
    During power down blow out all USB connections and check wires for abrasion/cracked insulation/new crimps/etc.
    (I had voltage spikes before UPS was installed..and since had a loose HDMI connection/and behavior like that Just before a keyboard and a mouse die)
    Run another file as an air cut...then the suspect file.

    If still a UR...and aircuts again.
    If Still a TS...and aircuts.

    Sometimes on our late 2013 and early 2014 Desktops, code got scrambled by shutting machine down and immediately shutting the computer off.
    Now in the habit of starting machine/Then computer....and shutting down SB3, then computer, Then machine.

    Yep, 24/7 365 days Support when someone was always on call...was one of the reasons we went Shopbot.
    also check all power saving settings/updates/etc. are turned OFF.

    Hope it works for you Bud...bearing blocks ain't cheap!
    A good weekly oiling of the felt wipes(and cleaning the rails) is way cheaper.
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