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Thread: ShopBot Desktop 18X24 The whole meal deal.

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    Default ShopBot Desktop 18X24 The whole meal deal.

    Yes, you can buy a bare machine for less money, but not one as well equipped where you can take it home and start carving without spending another dime. This the whole meal deal. You won't have to tell your wife that you bought a CNC machine and then had to spend a lot more money on extras.

    Has new spoil board
    Removed, cleaned and lubricated bearing blocks
    Includes 2 dust collectors.
    Optional uninstalled 5 1/2" Z axis
    Two dust shrouds,
    1/4" and 1/2 inch collets
    Collet wrenches
    Two work tables, one for ShopBot and one for PC which has drawers.
    Fein 5 speed vac with hose
    ShopBot version of Vcarve
    ShopBot control software installed on HP laptop
    1/4" straight bit, 1/4" v bit, 1/4" bowl bit.

    I've gone to a ShopBot Desktop max and don't need 2 machines.

    ShopBot provides excellent customer service if you have any questions about their machines. They are quick to respond via email and have been very helpful. In addition, there is a ShopBot forum with loads of helpful, experienced users who will be happy to give advice. ShopBot also has loads of youtube viedos:

    Vectric also has a lot of support and online videos for VCarve. Create a free account and access tons of information

    This ShopBot is located in Southern Illinois. I can not ship it. I have up cumming back procedures and can not help load. You can park a trailer or truck right at the doors of my shop for easy loading.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.




    Bud Meade
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