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    My first woodworking project with my 12 year old grandson. He and his Dad are big superhero fans. The Batmobile was built from plans from There are 12 parts to the body. Each part is 1/2” thick plywood and were profile cut on my CNC machine. They were glued together followed by lots of sanding and several coats each or sealer, primer and latex spray paint. We used Bondo body filler to make it smooth.
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    Looks great, I love making models with my Bot. They will love it I'm sure. Russ
    AKA: Da Train Guy

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    Just exactly the right kind of CNC project to start a 12 yr old with Phill!

    Tried a few yrs ago to get my friends 14 yr son/12yr old daughter/10 yr old son involved in my kinda stuff...
    and after 10-15 minutes it sounded like my youth in a station wagon on family trips when Mom and Dad had just 5 kids "Are we there Yet??"
    Dad had the right idea....He'd toss a map into the back seat and say something like;
    "We just passed Bath on Rt1, and our average speed is 40 mph and we're going to Thomaston"....we all learned to read maps back then.
    Can't do that on CNC except to say a percentage of one toolpath.

    Profile cutouts and then a lot of hands on sanding and finishing sounds like a better way to go!!
    Nicely done(and bet your son had fun too!)

    Aah....It was my job as oldest to read(Yell) the balloon captions to the youngests... "BAM" "BAP" etc. on TV.

    Now you've let yourself into making more and more models!
    scott P.
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 10

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    I've had several of my grandchildren do woodworking projects with me. Lots of fun and lifetime memories. Good for you.

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