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Thread: PRT Alpha 48x96 Holding Z axis mount vertical on X direction

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    Default PRT Alpha 48x96 Holding Z axis mount vertical on X direction


    Been having a time keeping the z truck vertical on the X axis. It always wants to kick for and back.

    When I was doing things that would push it around, I figured it was my fault.

    But now that I'm simply clearing holes with a 0.006" (about 432 ipm with a 4 flute mill) feed with a 0.75" depth of cut in MDF at 18000 RPM and it sends it out of whack by a degree, I'm starting to become frustrated. And I don't want to wiggle the holes bigger and make this a more pronounced issue over time.

    I've tried blocking it with wood (image attached) - seems not to be working. Is the next step to weld this thing together (which also seems like a bad idea (TM))

    Image of entire machine included so people can see which model I'm working with.

    Anyone have this issue and find a way to resolve it? I'd love to hear about it!

    Or is 0.75" on this machine just too much for an item of this generation?



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    Years ago some people did weld the Z car to keep it square and make more rigid. .75" seems too deep to me. You might make 2 passes at .375" and see if that works better for you.

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    Default z truck adjustment

    I remember a photo years back of a fellow who bolted or welded some heavy angle to z truck with some adjustable screws on the bottom to adjust the z axis ... sort of like a pool table

    seemed like a good idea
    The decimal point seems to be the most important on the z axis... x & y not so much....
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    This might be the setup that Curtiss mentioned. I never liked the tap with hammer technique. This has worked great for years.
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