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Thread: Spindle installation

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    Default Spindle installation

    Mophorn Spindle Motor 4KW Square Air Cooled Spindle Motor ER25 18000RPM 220V CNC Spindle Motor


    Ordered: 10/4/2021

    received: 10/9/2021

    Discovered issues:

    HSD spindle mounting plate holes did not match Mophorn holes

    Temporary fix was a 4 1/2" x 8 7/8" x 3/4" MDO, saturated in Totalboat epoxy with 14 holes drilled as required. Recessed T-nuts and socket head screws were used to mount the MDO to the z axis plate with eight 1/4" bolts, lock washers and nuts mounting the spindle to the MDO. A 'calibrated' wrist was used to equally tighten the screws/bolts while listening for the identical wood fiber crushing sounds.

    A cheap square was used to true up the spindle to the spoil board. Initial measurements found the x direction to be VERY good with the Y direction off a fair amount. Loosening the spindle to MDO bolts and a few smacks with a rubber mallet, another 'calibrated' tightening of the bolts and the square test called for a spoil board resurfacing check. The spoil board surfaced with NO ridges felt with the fingernail test in either the X or Y direction. Happy Dance!!!

    power plug mismatch, HSD spindle = 6 wires, Mophorn = 4 wires

    insulated/isolated 2 extra wires

    Somewhat tight wiring space in Mophorn spindle, crimped and soldered terminals.

    Shopbot Yaskawa to spindle cable diameter too large to properly take advantage of strain relief on spindle.

    Modified strain relief

    Spindle ran in reverse when U1/V1/W1 wired as the HSD.

    Reversed T1 and T2 wires in Yaskawa, direction corrected.

    Unexpected or didn't think of pluses:

    Kent dust shoe fit on Mophorn spindle!

    So, I'm up and running with the following issues/concerns:

    Will my MDO backer plate remain stable through temperature/humidity variations and will it hold up to the stresses a 4HP spindle can put it through? (Amazon has a Phenolic sheet 6" x 12" x .625" that I could drill appropriately on the Shopbot - $20)

    The Shopbot is nearly dead quiet with power applied now that the spindle fan is not turning unless you're routing. I think a 24 VDC LED wired to the HSD fan wire would provide enough warning that the bot was fired up.

    I need to decipher the Shopbot/Yaskawa controls to regain the spindle on/off and rpm controls vs starting the spindle manually from the Yaskawa.

    And finally, will the $280 spindle last for 11+ years like the HSD did?

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    Yea, that MDO is not going to be stable enough in my opinion. I would really do it right and get a piece of aluminum machined for that mount.

    I would really be interested in how that $280 spindle does. I honestly don't see how they could make a spindle that cheap. I would say that the bearings alone in an HSD spindle cost more than $280.
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