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Thread: For sale: 15 HP vacuum pump, make offer

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    Default For sale: 15 HP vacuum pump, make offer

    I've got a 15hp 3 phase vacuum pump that I'd like to sell. I've taken pictures of the tags on the motor and pump for anyone interested in the specs. Located west of Cleveland, OH.

    Make offer, or potentially interested in trade.

    If interested or have questions, email me:
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    I recently sold one of the 16.9's that I had sitting around doing nothing (not near enough power in my little shop to run it). I certainly sold it too cheap, but I was helping out another Shopbotter and I was getting no value out of it.

    What I found out at the time is that the big vacuum pumps can be hard to get right now. Probably not impossible. But the big Becker pumps were out of stock 6 months ago.... maybe Republic too??

    I would normally say to look around at new pricing and try to go for about 1/3 ( but it can also take you a year to sell one) Right now, you may be able to get more... I went for low $ and getting it down the road. For me it was an acceptable solution.

    Best of luck on the sale.

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