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Thread: Machining Teflon

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    Default Machining Teflon

    I need to make a small teflon part. The part will be .75" th. x 3" dia.
    I have two questions;
    1. are there different types of teflon?
    2. where can I get a small supply of teflon?
    I'd appreciate any tips on machining teflon.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Phil,
    Teflon is PTFE. A 2 flute o-flute is best - don't be afraid to jack the RPM up 18k, 1 to 1.5 IPS. Its self lubricating, and of course very slippery. Your biggest challenge will be holding it down. I would even recommend a downcut spiral O , which i almost never use on plastic... but that'll help it stay put. You can get what you need from McMaster.

    Edit: old post but relevant to those who need to know.
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