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Thread: 5x10' Shopbot CNC with ATC and Vacuum For Sale OBO

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    Default 5x10' Shopbot CNC with ATC and Vacuum For Sale OBO

    We’re upgrading our CNC to a bigger and beefier model, so we are offering up our 5x10 ShopBot PRS Alpha ATC CNC for sale.

    -Purchased in 2019 for over 50k, avg use about 5-10 hr per week (max)
    -10HP vacuum
    -5HP Spindle
    -Can cut 5x10 boards
    -Will come w/computer and Vcarve + Shopbot CNC/CAD software
    -5 additional tool holders for convenient Auto Tool Changes, no need to program multiple passes
    -Unit is currently operational and can be inspected or tested in our shop located in Portland, Oregon.

    More info can be found on the ShopBot website:

    Buyer will be responsible for crating and shipping, we have crate estimates of $2,750 for loading + $1,367 for simple packaging or $4,170 for expert packaging.

    Our new machine arrives sometime in Oct/Nov, so this one will be available for pickup shipping once the new one arrives.

    Please reach out to Michael Hood at Forge Graphic Works for more info:

    Price: $25,000 or best offer.
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