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Thread: 2010 PRS Alpha, educated but with the ability to learn much more! $750,000

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    Default 2010 PRS Alpha, educated but with the ability to learn much more! $750,000

    Our awesome ShopBot PRS Alpha, 96x60, with MANY options is available as a package deal with our 12+ year old sign shop and 4 year old 4000 square foot building located near heaven (Lake Gaston, NC). Nearly turnkey with, wood working, vinyl graphics and t-shirt printing abilities as well as many long standing customers.

    Why sell you ask, I'm getting older, don't like ladders anymore and want to fish MORE.

    A side comment: We highly recommend you keep on our full time production manager.

    Drop us a line or stop by,
    Greg @
    Lake Gaston Sign & Graphics Co., LLC
    two-5-too, five37, thirteen eightyfive

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    Wishing you great success. And if I were you, I might look at my Production Manager as a potential new owner... if he/she knows your business- and they probably do- you should be able to slow down your daily inputs and transfer the responsibilities to this person. They will likely pay you as much or more than anyone else... no one has to relocate. You don't have to do ladders... They can surely get a loan to buy out a portion of the biz, and you might (depending on their financial condition) have to carry a little of the note for them ( which also gives you direct access and a "say" in the business until you are paid out... just a thought...

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