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    Default PRT 9648 issue

    Hey guys been away for a while. Been communicating on the FB page some, but not getting much help recently.

    Got an issue where the machine seems to lose the x location. It actually jumped off track a couple times, one forward roller and the other side back roller. I think I've narrowed it down to a problem with either the back side motor or the controller. Hope it's not the controller, as I upgraded it to the V4G in 2019 and haven't used the machine that much since.

    I will note that the back side motor runs very warm, like almost to hot touch and stays warm as long as the control box is on....leads me to believe it might be a motor issue. I guess it could be the module on the control board being bad as well. This is where I need some guidance. How do I check these components out?

    Guys on the FB page, suggested it might be a problem with Rack and pinon gears, but they appear to be in good shape. Another suggested that the roller bearings on the tracks are worm out. Turning the control box off and disconnecting the motor leads, allows me to roll the x carriage freely with no hiccups. I do have new bearings and might well install them, but I'm 99% sure that is not the problem.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
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