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Thread: using Fusion 360

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    Thanks! You are correct:

    And yikes $1600 per year!:

    Wonder if the machining extension includes the base subscription (guessing it doesn't)... Even with their black friday pricing, I can't justify spending that much each year for a hobby. Plenty for me to do with 3 axis for free though

    Inventor appears to be the same way and is even more $$$:

    Quote Originally Posted by bill.young View Post
    I am not by any means a Fusion or 5-axis pro, but my understanding is that currently anything over 3 axis requires a paid subscription for Fusion. The regular paid subscription lets you do 3+2 machining for 5-axis which is fine for a lot of people, but for full simultaneous 5 axis you need their manufacturing extension.

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    I've found some excellent tutorials : . I was using the free version of 360 , and took advantage of a sale and bought a 3 year subscription . I think at the time it was $1200 and includes the ability to create toolpaths for the Shopbot ( once I figure out how ) . The only thing I dont like is that when I first bought a liscence for Fusion 360 a few years ago it was $120 for 2 years . Then after investing some time learning it the price went way up , but at least they had the free hobby user version . A lot of usefull features are removed from the free version , and I can apreciate that Autodesk wants to make it just inconvenient enough that you want to buy the working version to keep them in business . Some of the abilities for the free version made it possible to do most things , but with a lot more steps and creative work arounds , ..The risk I dont like is that I will invest my time into learning the program , fall in love with it then the next renewal might be way beyond my means
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    Yep, I use Fusion to create toolpaths for my Shopbot Desktop all the time. I rarely use VCarve anymore.

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    I'm kinda sad I didn't know this prior to spending the $400 for an Aspire upgrade. (Autodesk has a sale going on for F360 - $382 for a year. Good until 1/31.)


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