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Thread: New Computer To Run ShopBot

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    Default New Computer To Run ShopBot

    Hi All,

    I am looking for recommendation for a new fanless computer to run my desktop max ShopBot. Any recommendation? I am now working in a small work space and have limited room so the computer needs to be next to the ShopBot and I am getting dust and chips in my old computer.

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    Take a look at something like an Intel NUC, or what I like to use for my Centroid Acorn upgrades, are some of the off lease mini business pc's by Lenovo or HP on eBay. Lenovo M93p and up or HP EliteDesk G800 etc. The later aren't fanless, but they don't take in a lot of air, and are easy to clean out when needed. Most come with a 128-265 GB SSD, 4-16 GB memory, wifi, and Win 10 Pro (check the listings close). They don't take up much space, and with the right hardware, can be mounted to the back of the monitor.

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    I have been running an HP Elitedesk 600 on mine. Micro Center had it for $99 when I bought it refurbished I also have a roll up keyboard that is dust proof

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