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    I am trying to learn 3D printing, making good progress. There are similarities to CNC work so I think I can get some help here.
    The first pic shows a preview from Aspire, this is an STL file. The file gets converted to G-code with a program called Cura.
    The file ran for about 18 hours and stopped. I thought it was done.
    The second pic shows the 3D print as it stopped, obviously incomplete. My Shopbot software allows me ro restart a file at a chosen line code. I'm hoping I can do this with the 3D printer software, Creality Ender3.
    For some reason I can't add the 2nd photo, maybe too large. However, it shows a half completed 3D print of the dragon.


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    Prusaslicer will recover files like that- I believe it is an offshoot of cura and is highly advanced. It is free, open source and just as good as their printers. I have been buying only Prusa printers for years and they are rock solid.

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    I suggest starting with something a lot simpler. The snake thing looks fine for 3D printing, if your machine is running perfectly and you have a very good first layer. Such complex designs require the hot end to move from spot to spot without extruding, and that can leave strings and defects.

    A print can stop for many reasons but typically, it's a simple thing like power fluctuation. I suggest putting a 3D printer on a good UPS that's rated for twice or more than the maximum power draw of the 3D printer. If the power goes out for a second or a minute, you want the darn thing to keep going. Some printers have automatic recovery systems, others don't.

    Other reasons for print stopping could be running out of filament, having the filament jam, a program error or just a mental glitch if the machine is a cheap knockoff.

    There's a lot to be done with 3D printing. I've been playing around with it a couple of years and have made hundreds of useful things. Right now, I'm making a crankshaft lock for a V8. The special tool, which I'm basing my design on, costs $300. It's quite beautiful for that money but still, I can print one for $1 or so.

    I use Prusaslicer too. Great bit of software.
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