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Thread: Setting a toolpath's ending point

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    Default Setting a toolpath's ending point

    Sorry in advance if this is obvious information or has already been discussed a million times.

    I use my Desktop Max to build electric guitars, using multiple bits within a build. Is there a way to have my toolpath end with the bit above the material rather than returning to home which is off the material? I use a particular part of my blanks to zero the height when changing bits.

    As my toolpaths are currently configured, I have to manually move the tool from home to that point.

    I would like the tool to end its path at that point so that I can change the bit in that position and then zero it.

    I would then start the next toolpath from home.

    Hope this makes sense.

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    Modify the post processor of the design software. If you are using vectric, lots of us can help you make it do what you want. If you pm me we can email back and fourth and make it happen easily.

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    mat setup.jpg You can change the HOME of where your bit starts and stops (This does not change your 0,0 home)
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    Default Home Position

    the Home Position in the setup is where the bit will start and stop a file. I often use the center of the material as the Home Position, such as the point 10,5 for a 20x10 material.

    Using the center as the Home Position, the only thing you have to do is NOT place the material 90 degrees the wrong way.
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