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Thread: Z-zero problems??

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    Default Z-zero problems??

    I am having problems getting the z-zero to cut the depth required, after i zero the z axis on the project,it does not engrave but goes through the motions at about the same level as i had zeroed it at??


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    Is the location display says 0 at Z while moving X & Y?
    Check your Z plate thickness setting in the Zzero.sbp routine...
    "&ZBOT=0.125 'Put THICKNESS of your plate HERE ... NOW SET FOR 1/8inch Standard Plate
    'Our plates seem to mic out at .??? these days ..."
    at about line 23...

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    Excuse me i don't use the zero plate, I only zero on my project.

    Thanks! Ray

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    Ray, your a little short on information, eg. are you trying to do a center line v- carve? or just a single depth engrave? did you use a program to generate your NC code? If so, which.
    I would suspect you have incorrectly set your parameters. If you send me your file or 1st 100 lines of it I'll have a look at it for you.

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    Single depth engrave is all i am talking about when i set the z-zero axis to zero it does not engrave at a single depth and i know i have it programed for for a certain depth engraving or had anyhow.
    Thanks for your input!

    Ray Hershberger

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    As I mentioned in another thread, I've done some ADA Braille on my PRT96. I had to trick it into going shallow enough for the Braille dots by playing with z and my final engraving depth. It's almost as if PW rounds decimals up or down .05 when it goes to a z depth.

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    I am sorry, I think i goofed, I did not put a number in my finished depth department,therefore it did not engrave.

    Thanks! Ray Hershberger

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    I Need help urgently.
    I having one of those days where I need to deliver a project this afternoon and I'm having a problem with the "Z". Here is an idea of the problem:
    start 0,3,0
    M3 78,3.125,-.125
    M3 78,5.875,-.125
    M3 0,6,0

    When I cut this cleaning pass the Z will stay at "0" about 2/3 of the way down the X axis at that point it starts stepping down and arrives at the end "-.125" and when it returns up the other side it stays at
    "-.125" for about 2/3 of the cut and then it starts stepping and reaches the end of the cut at "0". I know this by reading the display on the monitor.

    I figured that the SB would follow the taper and step evenly the whole length of the cut. I have 6 more pieces to go and when your using a 1 1/4" round over bit the problem shows up very well.

    I have a PRT 96 , SB version 2.21m , older Pentium I with windows 95. The machine is grounded and I will double check on that.

    I am wondering if its the "Z" motor , the software, or the computer. I know that I need to do something but not sure where to start first.

    If any has the time and some advice I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you,
    Robert Cheal

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    Hi Robert!

    Was it OK before than not?

    Should'nt you run/use 2.39sx? Have a look at this page...

    I would think that it should do as you wish... sorry I have'nt used 2.39 from a moment now; I cannot help much with settings.

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    Hey Robert,

    One quick possibility. Make sure that they are M3 moves instead of J3's. In the DOS software Jogs don't necessarily break up moves into even segments.

    I'd also suggest upgrading to the newest software at some point though I don't remember any problems like that in 2.21...2.39 is the current one.

    Good luck,

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