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    Anyone using Bobcad. I got an offer through CNCzone for a "Blowout Sale" only $495. Thet have a free demo available. I plan to check out the demo. Right now the only reasons I have to look at the demo is because it's free and I have a Shopbot.

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    I am using Bobcad but that is because I paid a few years ago, $200 for v.19. At the time, I had a PR shopbot but no Partwizard so I used BobCAD for both drawing and toolpathing. It was adequate but not great. Now I have Partwizard since that is being included with my new PRS machine. Toolpathing is much easier and better in Partwizard, but Bobcad is a better CAD program. If you have Partwizard there are probably other CAD-only programs that are just as good for less $$, but if you have no other toolpath program and want a full fledged CAD/CAM program for $500 it is a good deal, especially if they throw in the training CDs.

    They have, in my opinion, excellent training materials, both CD and a big thick manual. Before I got BobCAD I had NO CAD experience at all; the training materials were very valuable to me.

    They bug you alot about upgrading but I ignore it.

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