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Thread: Dana's Search app

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    Default Dana's Search app

    Dana, thats a hot app. is it .NET? Are you scraping a search engine or using the API from one of the search engine guys?

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    Joe, its .NET, but it does all the page parsing and creates the document model in my code, then I use the document model to extract the fields from the pages.

    It starts at the forum root, and uses the last posting date to eliminate tree branches that can be ignored. So it only reads as many web pages as required to fulfill the request.

    So I guess the answer is I put it together from scratch. I wrote most of it last weekend, and have been tweaking on it since.

    Glad everybody likes it. That should cut down on my beer expenses for a while..


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    It is very useful! I think it succinctly meets the needs!!! Thanks for sharing.

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