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Thread: Constant velocity?

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    Default Constant velocity?

    Hi folks,

    First time poster here...Really impressed with all the cool stuff everyone here is doing! I have a PRS Alpha Buddy system, and I am trying to do something a little bit different that I thought some people here might have some insight on.

    I am working on a non-cutting application that is very dependent on move speed. I am basically trying to get a good surface finish on metals with something similar to a plasma cutter. The problem I am having is that I need to generate a toolpath that maintains a constant velocity while rastering over a large area. I have had some limited success with making Pocket toolpaths and adjusting ramp values, but there always seem to be points where the the velocity changes abruptly.

    Is anyone aware of a Constant Velocity mode in the shopbot software, or alternate software or hardware to achieve this? Any workarounds or solutions anyone could offer would be most appreciated!


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    If i think i understand correctly the slowing and speeding on a toolpath interferes with the finish you are trying to achieve.

    If your surface is flat then why couldn't you make your toolpath so that the ramping up/down occurs outside of the perimeter of the part where you want your constant velocity, as in the diagram here?


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