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Thread: Alpha 7.2 motors or PK299-F4.5A motors?

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    I just completed the 7.21 upgrade on my alpha and i cut a door sample before and after the upgrade . The difference is incredible . Ill try to post photos , after the upgrade i cut 3/4 mdf 2 passes @7 ips the cut was as good as on a table saw . I used a 1/4 compression bit from centurion tooling and for the groove in the door pannel i used a 3/4 ball nose @4 ips .125 deep and it can go to paint without sanding. Its like a new machine. I would not give a second thought about the shopbot upgrade , go for it .

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    Our satisfaction with the ALPHA upgrade was similar to Gene's.

    If you do the upgrade and don't like it, we'll buy the machine. Only, you need to deliver it.

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    Now that I've got a guaranteed buyer for the machine, I'm going to go for it ;>)

    The upgrade is too good of an offer to pass on, even if I only replace the two X-axis motors/drivers and the Y-axis motor/driver.

    Somewhere along the software upgrade path, I changed my circle resolution from 0.005 to the factory default 0.05. Setting that back to 0.005 and changing the steps per revolution from 500 back to 1,000 on my 3:1 belt-drive gave me nearly perfect cuts - again. I'm really doubting that changing to the 7.2:1 motors will make my machine perfect, but I won't know unless I try . . .

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