We need to talk. My intention was to allow totally free use of the software to the Shopbot community, but possibly charge for those using non-sbp code.

Your G-code generator and DXF generator are great extensions to the program that will enable router operators outside the Shopbot community to cut MDF doors, so there is possibly a fairly nice market outside the Shopbot community waiting to be tapped - no pun intended (Mach G-code uses .tap files).

Your recent additions to FreeDoors have been outstanding, and worth a lot. I know that they've taken a lot of time and effort, and in the programming world, time and effort can't be reclaimed. Once they're gone, they're gone forever.

My problem is that once software has been released under the OpenSource License for no-cost use by a particular sector of the public (Shopbot users), it would be difficult to modify the terms of that license after-the-fact. Of course, as is explicitly explained in the licensing terms that have to be accepted before your FreeDoors program can be installed, only the doors.exe program and the associated source programs that I wrote are distributed under the OpenSource no-charge license. The FreeDoors software that you wrote was not offered under those terms.

Anyway, maybe something can be worked out to everyone's satisfaction.


p.s. I found the bug in the nesting software that we talked about this morning. It's just a little thing that should have been squashed in just a few minutes, but refuses to die. As usual, fixing one thing must have broken another thing - but the evening is young . . .