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Thread: Casmate pro for signmaking?

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    Default Casmate pro for signmaking?

    Dose anyone know the current status of using Casmate Pro to generate .dxf files for the Shopbot?
    A search of this forum turned up several posts from a couple of years ago indicating problems, and an attempt to solve them, but no follow up posts.
    I have Casmate lite, and have found a deal on upgrading to Casmate Pro, they also have a module called EnRoute for 3-D milling. I have only a little experience with Casmate, but it seems to have all the functions I am reading about in this forum for processing logos, island fill, etc.
    The 3-D would be nice to have, but for now all we really want to be able to do is routed signs with logos and lettering.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    I use Casmate pro all the time to program for use on shopbot. The best is the generate the toolpath using a fanuc driver in the setup. This will allow you to save a g-code file from Casmate. You then convert to shopbot file using the file convert that's built-in to Shopbot and run.

    This is pretty sketchy but if you need more info just e-mail me at:

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    I've used Casemate for 6 or 7 years now for vinyl cutting and for small routing jobs on my engraving machines. Just got my Shopbot two weeks ago and have been able to do some parts cutting and basic stuff by editing shopbot parts files. But I need to do some larger signs that I have designed on Casemate. I've been trying to run the dxf files through Vector Cam and have not had much luck. Admittedly, I am not very familiar with Vector yet but it seems kind of cumbersome. Is anyone doing what I am trying to do? If so, Can I get some advice?

    My email address is:

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    I have made some progress using Casemate to create the layout with cutter paths and cutter offsets. then I export from casemate to dxf and import into Vector. I cut everything that is to be engraved or routed and paste it back at the z offset of .125 to get the depth I want. Then I do the conect Z command and that is where the trouble is. Instead of staying down and routing the whole area the cutter is constantly being moved up to the up Z possition and then back down again to make a short cut, then back up again, and on and on. It looks like Vector is putting a raise Z command at just about every point in a shape. The cutter should drop down to the cut depth and finish routing the whole shape before it moves to the up Z possition and jogs to the next down Z point.

    Can anyone help me on this. Thanks in advance.


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    Vector has control over direction and order of selection. Before you add the connect-at-Z, your selection must be in order and in the desired direction. You can use Shift-Select to accomplish this. It is described on page 8 of the "Learning Vector in 2 Hours" manual. RULE 4.

    If you have not read it, that is probably why you are having trouble. This manual is available to ALL Vector customers. It is in a PDF file on the distribution CD's.

    If your selection is extremely complicated, and you are not concerned if you move from one end of the table to another without cutting, you can Box select or select-all then use the Change-Reorganize function to re-order the entities within all selected chains. This may take a long time to process with complex layouts and slow computers. Reorganize will also remove duplicated lines and arcs, and recombine broken or subdivided arcs and lines into a single composite entity.

    If your problem is caused by actual gaps in the chains, you will have to trim-extend the entities to eliminate the unneeded connect at Z's. Shift Selecting will show you exactly where the gaps have been generated in the other program.

    Test the order of selection by using the Special-Simulate. It will number the entities that you have selected. It will NOT tell you if you have selected lines or arcs pointing backwards, just the order of selection.

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    Noticed the same problem : "sometimes" at the end of large selections, instead of cutting the path and then raise Z, Vector starts to raise in between, each segments of the path.
    I have not find any solution exept reselecting a smaller selection and redoing the "connect at z".


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    Gerald D Guest


    I have the same problem as George and Olivier.

    Yes, I have read the manual.

    I am using VCarvz into Vector where I have no control over individually selecting and connecting.

    I had worded this post differently about 3 hours ago, but it was removed from the board. In that post I apologised for the irritation that I displayed, but the facts still remain.

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    George you can do this in Casmate,just select the bit you want, enter your depth,use the fanuc driver and save the files with a name.NC

    Now just use the g-code converter and cut the file.

    If you do not have the fanuc driver intalled? you will need to do this first.


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    George I must have misread your post, why would you want to export from 1 Cad/Cam program to another? If you use casmate you can make your machine dance to any tune

    All you need to do is have the Fanuc drivers installed,and use them to make your file.

    I will email you the complete steps for you, if you have any problems let me know.


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    The reason I want to use Vector is that I do not have the engraveing 2d or 3d function with my Casmate. I called Casmate, they said that the 2d function is $500 add on and the 3d is $1100. I have already paid for Vector when I bought the Shopbot so I would like to make that work if possible.

    I just got my Shopbot two weeks ago and have spent a great deal of time going throught the manuals for Vector and trying to make Vector work like it is supposed to. But like many software packages the documentions was written by idiots. I've been working with CAD and CAS programs for over 10 years and Vector is about the most uncomprehensable that I have come across. The documenation sucks. The organization of the program itself makes little logical sense.

    I will keep trying to work with Vector for the time being. But I may, in the end, have to spend money on a cam program that works for me.

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