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    I have been asked by a customer to do some letters out of MDO. They want them painted with a certain color of Matthews Paint.

    I have never used Matthews paint before.

    I don't have a spray rig to spray the letters, so I am left to do them by roller.
    -Do I need to use the Matthews brush/roller additive?

    Do I need to use their undercoat/primer? Can I use Kilz (oil base?)

    These are outside. Do I need a top coat? and if so, do I need to use theirs?



    P.S. I realize that MDO is not the best choice here, but its not my call. Another sign company sub'd it out to me.

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    We had the Matthews mixing system. It is a costly system to use to just do a few letter if you have to have a gallon of each thing shipped to you. I am guessing you will have nearly $300. in materials. I am not sure how many square foot you are doing.
    it is just a two component polyurethane system.
    We like the xim 400 white primer. it wil accept the two component top coat as well as many other primers. I think the kilz would have some problems as it does not dry as hard as the xim. if you did not have to do alot you could cross reference the color and use another two component polyurethane and have it mixed in spray cans or have a place like Maaco paint them for you as an option. We have done that before rather than spend $300 on paint. Also the expectations on the finish probably needs approved. We have had some clients who want absolute perfect finish coats like an new car. then some do not care. The Matthews is really good but so are other two component systems and color matching can be done very accuratelty. Do they have other things near by coated with the Matthews they want to match.
    If they just like the matthews color and do not care if it is two component poly you could match it with an enamel also. If we had to roll the matthews we would prefer to use a matte finish so the imperfections do not show as much.

    I probably have not helped. i just think in options but Matthews has an excellent web site to answer all your questions and great support. it is an amazing product.

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    Goto a local shop and have them pait the letters, or just sell you a quart. They can add an additave so you can paint it on vs. spraying. We sell Matthews to other local shops

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