The introduction of this new topic marks the beginning of coming changes and improvements to the Talk ShopBot forum. Starting with the addition of more active moderation, we hope to be able to keep postings on topic and reduce thread drift. One of the obvious benefits of keeping to the initial subject is to make it simpler to quickly search and locate information. Hot topics here may be assimilated into the Dr. ShopBot wiki at

There are already sub-topics in place under the main topic. Please find the appropriate thread for your question and post there. If you feel a new thread is needed, contact one of the moderators. For those that have finished assembling their PRS, consider posting some of your challenges during assembly and how they were overcome.

Our newest moderator to the Forum is Bill Thorpe. Bill has several years of experience in ShopBot construction and maintenance. He has re-built, modified and/or up-graded 6 PRT and PR machines. He is currently finishing construction on a new PRS Standard with 4hp HSD Spindle.

Bill Young is a longtime ShopBotter that started with a cable drive tool. He writes the "Bill's Corner" column in the ShopBot website and is active in the new ShopBot wikis.