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Thread: Projects to do?

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    Default Projects to do?

    What are some fun learning project for beginners. i am friends with a cabinet shop and i got tons of scraps to use up. so i am good with the wood.

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    Boxes with box joints, make a jig to mount the parts vertically off the front end of your machine and do some test cuts. Every one seems to like little boxes with some type of joinery to make them more interesting.

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    Signs. Don't over think it. Just look here and elsewhere for photos or sign shapes, letters, or whatever. You will be able to try different techniques on V carved letters and borders, area clear, machine along vectors,outside and inside profile cuts, and just about any other technique and bit style you can think of.
    Then give them to your friends and family so they can help you show them off on their house, or wherever.
    OK, once you have made them you will ask yourself: What's the best way to paint or finish these? What materials work best for finishing etc.
    Signs will get your skills moving forward on design fabrication, finishing, costing, and selling so they cover most of the areas you will encounter with other projects.
    Fun and effective, good luck and have fun. Just don't undersell the pieces once the orders start. There's true value in well designed and fabricated signs and lots of tips here on all sign subjects.

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