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    Recently i am/been busy to produce some wood work for an upcoming yearly event at my community... This event is Funfair and we have every type of stall and fun games for the full day here... All the money (profit) goes to local community charity...

    Last year i had a Stall of woodworking and we ( Me and my wife) really enjoyed it... Many peoples amazed to see our wood work bcas we are not wood worker by profession....You can see my Stall pictures at following link ... 588&page=8

    Next month we have it again so trying to make few interesting things... Mostly ladies like some stuff related to Kitchen and there i designed a simple Salad platter...This is the first rain drop and i have lot to go... time is very short here

    In the bottom i will place 04Ea ,1/2" round wooden plugs for placing it on table..also i will round the bottom periphery for 3D look

    Any suggestions from u are welcome...

    Tool used
    A- Profile cut= 3mm end mill
    B- V-carving = 12mm 90 degree V-bit
    C-Pocketing = 8mm straight end mill

    1- Vectric Vcarve Pro 4.6 for all above toolpath generation
    2- Mach3 Quantum (latest version)

    Type = Mango wood
    Thickness= 5/8" (~15.8mm)
    Dimension = 300mm x 245mm







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    Khalid, great work, if you had the resources some of us have you would make things so that we would hide ours - Keep it up ! Neville

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    Neville Stewart

    The beauty is in ur eyes that my things looks beautiful to u..
    You are the one who motivated me by posting nice comments in this thread...Thanks

    Best Regards
    Your Friend Khalid

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