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  2. Detroit Area?
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  8. Newport News VA - I'm visiting.
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  12. 3-D digitizing probe
  13. Washington D.C./ Baltimore Area
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  16. Anyone in the Seattle area??
  17. Need CNC work in Orlando, FL
  18. Need someone with an indexer to cut some flat top cones
  19. Any Botters in Albuquerque, New Mexico?
  20. Shopbotter in Alaska...
  21. Ottawa, Ontario Area
  22. Shopbotter in Lousville, KY/Souther Indiana
  23. Anyone near Huntington Beach CA?
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  25. New Shop for ShopBot Buddy
  26. Anyone near Wilson, NC
  27. Anyone in Minneapolis - St. Paul, Metro Area of MN?
  28. Looking for CNC cutting of MDF forms
  29. Looking for DeskTop owner near Madison, WI
  30. Looking for somebody to cut full sheet MDF in NY
  31. Idaho Falls, Idaho - Want a bot owner to help me do prototype work
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  33. Starting a sign shop
  34. Anyone near Oakdale CA?
  35. Nashville, TN Demo
  36. Kansas City area MDF work needed
  37. Near Dayton Ohio with a BT32 or similar
  38. Looking for SE Atlanta Bot Owner to Cut Molds
  39. Shopbot Buddy
  40. North of Denver Botters
  41. Looking for replicator in Sarasota/Tampa Area
  42. Miami area cutter for hire?
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  44. Help with vcarve pro have PRS alpha 4x8 La Crosse WI
  45. Auto cad / cnc operator
  46. LA area commercial cabinet shop wanted
  47. Yakima commercial cabinetmaker needed
  48. Looking for CNC owner in Central MASS area
  49. Looking for insight near billings,mt
  50. Looking for Shopbotter/CNCer in Quebec City, Canada
  51. Looking for a patient Twin Cities Minnesota Shopbot owner
  52. Shopbot owner in SE Wisconsin?
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  54. SE Idaho project
  55. TechShop Bankrupt How Will I ShopBot Now?!
  56. Any Botters in the Las Cruces, NM area
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  58. Non-profit needs experienced ShopBot operator/Designer
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  62. shopbot owner in atlanta ga area
  63. control software
  64. Looking for shopbot owner around Charlotte North Carolina
  65. School Project
  66. Any chance there is a Shopbotter on here from Oahu, Hawaii?
  67. Any Shopbotters in Victoria BC
  68. Boston area
  69. Shopbot in central Florida
  70. Need a wire end
  71. Knoxville, TN
  72. Looking for training around Southern Alabama/ N. Florida area
  73. Houston area Shop
  74. Massachusetts
  75. Machine Aluminum Tube & Angle
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  83. Shopbot Owner in Massachusetts
  84. PrtAlpha Electronics
  85. Shop Bot Prt Standard Data Error
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