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  1. Start Button
  2. Dust Skirt
  3. Vacuum Table on a budget... seriously
  4. PRT 4G board Experience
  5. Cable carrier?
  6. Variable spindle drive schematics?
  7. Indexer - builing you own?
  8. Using aluminum structural framing to build a table
  9. Spindles
  10. CNC Bed like Thermwood
  11. G4 steppers hot
  12. 2 'Bots, 2 wireless remotes?
  13. PR Upgrade.
  14. How heavy can my Z axis be?
  16. Is there such a thing as a 120v single phase spindle?
  17. Screwing into the surface of a vacuum table...
  18. G4 Question
  19. Some pics of our PRT extended to 20ft/adjustable bed
  20. When does a ShopBot stop being a ShopBot?
  21. Dual Chuck - Changer idea/questions
  22. Vacuum plenum
  23. What Prox Switches does the Shopbot Use
  24. The truth about upgrades and mods!
  25. Has Anyone Gone Ascension after 4G?
  26. Tweaking a Gecko based stepper for maximum performance
  27. Z axis Modification
  28. Vacuum Pump hook up?
  29. Sizing a new Z axis motor
  30. Yet another vacuum question
  31. Milwaukee Collet Question
  32. Query about circ saw on a 'bot
  33. Installing BWC rails on a PR
  34. Black hole generator completed...
  35. Two fein question....
  36. What ever happened to the HP Jordan ShopBot controller
  37. Dust foot woes...
  38. Rail Upgrade Help Needed
  39. Reduce gear noise and vibration
  40. Running dry gears?
  41. Converting to 80 inches wide
  42. Price for dust skirt
  43. A quick output question
  44. Need a little help
  45. Two Fein T3 Power Requirements
  46. Control Pedant
  47. A little electronics help
  48. Upgrading the PRT
  49. Low Headroom Mod for PRSalpha
  50. Low speed mod for HF lathes, motor question
  51. Lathe bed extension, low speed mod
  52. Auto Router-On
  53. PRS Mods
  54. Indexer Unit Values
  55. PK296 vers PK299 steppers
  56. PRT Converting from 48x96 to 48x48?
  57. Z Prox. Switch
  58. Roller Hold Downs
  59. 3 phase spindles
  60. PR - 4G upgrade
  61. Indexer work in progress
  62. Gecko G202 and G203v trivia
  63. What to hold the bleeder board down with?
  64. What about a rack and pinion Z axis?
  65. PR Conversion photos
  66. No-Mask, No-Glue Plenum
  67. Extra Z axis
  68. Pat's New Indexer
  69. Connections on new Z motor
  70. Ascension connectons to PR motors
  71. PRT control box motherboard
  72. Did I blow my motor?
  73. Gear motor spinout with Mach 3
  74. Rail Caps
  75. Vac table ????'s
  76. Hitachi L100 VFD
  77. Mach users
  78. Question for Brady and other G4 upgrade and PRS Owners
  79. Help with PRS with Botrods controller
  80. The upgrade is FINISHED - THANK YOU!
  81. Upgrading pr control box
  82. PRSa Center Leg Mod
  83. What would you do with a 4G PRT96 to make it better?