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  1. Accuracy
  2. Accuracy Test File
  3. New Shopbot arrived - Let's get it started...
  4. Shopbot Assembly Photos
  5. Shake your Bot
  6. Have Single Phase spindle but 3 phase power
  7. Squaring the x & y on a prt standard
  8. Pinion gear allen size?
  9. Table size
  10. Replacement spindle fan source?
  11. BT 32 (alpha) Proximity switch
  12. Y - Carriage rattles in one direction
  13. E-Stop Mounting
  14. Welding on the frame ??
  15. Spring upgrade on PRT
  16. When Z's Go bad
  17. Electrical Requirements for a 4HP spindle
  18. Mounting bot in shipping container
  19. Swapping prt motors???
  20. Help with new Shopbot
  21. PR96 V2 - Emergency Stop Button
  22. New to the site-Need PR96 help please!
  23. Run time error 75
  24. Is My Z axis Worn Out?
  25. Time for new rails?
  26. User Preventative Maintenance
  27. Spindle wear & tear
  28. Squaring shopbot issues
  29. Vacuum Motor Service
  30. Spindle requirements
  31. E chain
  32. Tips for Adjusting Bearings on Z axis?
  33. X & Y zero using Zzero plate
  34. Vibration of table and x car on x axis
  35. Colombo 3hp spindle bearings
  36. Position of Z carriage on PRT Alpha w/router
  37. Control Box mounting help
  38. Plenum cut file
  39. Might be time to test your UPS
  40. Control Box and Starting of Spindle
  41. Movement in XY
  42. Installing the Spindle Control Board
  43. Plenum Maintenence?
  44. Connection Problems
  45. New PRSalpha and no Y movement
  46. Control cable length
  47. Leveling, trouble with leg levelers
  48. Width of aluminium X and Y profile on PRS Alpha's?
  49. circuit board repair
  50. Scheduled replacement of parts
  51. Extira Vacuum Plenum
  52. Help With assembling new ShopBot
  53. Columbo Fan issue
  54. I have an issue with surface finish !
  55. New unit assembled and running but have a few questions
  56. single phase to 3 phase
  57. making sure the bit is perpendicular to the table
  58. VU
  59. Router overheating
  60. How many tools can I run on a 3 phase power converter?
  61. upgraded control box but pbms with z height
  62. prt alpha will not reset
  63. What type of hose?
  64. Shopbot vibrations and sounds
  65. Need help with PC/Shopbot issues
  66. The machine dont move
  67. PTR Alpha Tables sides with 12 inch Z
  68. Ultimate base material?
  69. USB Cable Question
  70. Link to Z zero plate install?
  71. Values-Units and JOG vs. MOVE
  72. Going Bigger...
  73. Spoilboard replacement
  74. Grinding Teeth...
  75. Proximity Switch Issues
  76. Y axis shut down
  77. Proximity switches Yes/No
  78. Spindle assembly problem!
  79. measuring wrong
  80. Wobble in the Y axis
  81. Air Drills Quit
  82. Driver Question
  83. Looking for a Bot Maintenance Person.
  84. Control Box Issue
  85. Help assembling a new PRS in Denver area
  86. Z axis backlash adjustment
  87. ShopBot Maintenance In Massachuestts
  88. Bot model history
  89. help with accuracy
  90. Z axis issues - resolved
  91. Voltage Change?
  92. Ckickety Clack
  93. mounting spindle top two screws
  94. Phase converter
  95. dust foot screw
  96. Weight of a 4x8 PRT ShopBot
  97. 110 or 220 power to controller?
  98. Moving to a smaller shop
  99. V-roller source
  100. I'm curious...
  101. Old Shopbot needs TLC
  102. Computers and power supplies
  103. New setup on older machine - limit switches
  104. Wrong Direction
  105. How long to assemble and setup a new Shopbot
  106. Persistent Com Return Problem
  107. Gecko Drive Sparks
  108. How to calibrate the Z axis?
  109. Buiding a new table, what do I use to seal the plywood?
  110. Advice..Opinions..Direction for 4x8 table
  111. Is my bot broken?
  112. spindle
  113. X Axis gear box replacement?
  114. Unpacking and Starting Install PRS Alpha 96-48
  115. Machine Zero vs Manual Zero
  116. Dyslexic or just stupid?
  117. Name That Problem: Z-Plate
  118. spoil board fix
  119. Can someone help me identify this part?
  120. Rusty rails
  121. How to preserve setup/profile files?
  122. Good spoilboard
  123. Z-axis Plumb
  124. Dust boot thumb screw self-loosens
  125. x chain
  126. I need the unit value for this drive if someone has it.
  127. Surfacing Different Across Spoilboard
  128. glue between plenum and MDF spoil board
  129. upgrade
  130. Vacuum table flatness issues
  131. Getting extra life out of your Z pinion
  132. Computer says shopbot is moving but it aint
  133. Best Spindle Brand
  134. X backlash / movement
  135. Rebuilding Table
  136. Power supply questions?
  137. PRS Alpha Motor Problem
  138. Y carriage binding
  139. #4 blinking
  140. Dust Collection Suggestions
  141. Collet Bearing Nuts - Good/bad/tips?
  142. Nasty resonance / rattling - possible assembly error?
  143. Just built the 96 48 Shopbot and Wow!
  144. PRS Alpha Motor Cable Severed
  145. limit switches, fan, and Zplate wires into control box
  146. Collet and Z slippage
  147. Move speed causing lost comm
  148. Got Chatter?
  149. Shipping/Setup Question: Table
  150. z car becomes loose on y axis about halfway across
  151. Z Axis Beam Bearings
  152. Reversed Z Travel in Keypad mode
  153. problem w/gantry wheel on PRS 96x48
  154. Skew and runout
  155. Cable Management
  156. Running Shopbot Control Computer on Win XP
  157. Completely random spindle faults
  158. Top Y rail worn
  159. New vac top.
  160. Shopbot tech needed
  161. need technician
  162. move 5-axis to a place with access constraints
  163. home set up
  164. Gantry Becoming loose
  165. reversing machine direction.
  166. Wiring for E-Stop..please help
  167. Squaring mystery...Solved?
  168. Sawdust + Compressed Air + Powered Control Box =
  169. New Pinions, how snug should we be?
  170. Shopbot owners in Chicagoland area for tech help?
  171. Need a Technician to fix #@$%&*^* Shopbot
  172. fuse help
  173. Stepper Cable Splitter with Wago ends
  174. PRS Daily Maintenance Question
  175. Problems with Y Axis on Upgrade SB Control Software
  176. Z axis target bolt moved
  177. x axis motor bloqued
  178. might be time for new racks for my prt alpha where to go?
  179. Porter Cable 75182 repair, or just trash it?
  180. Dressing the rails on a PRT
  181. Need help adjusting the spindle
  182. Cooling down after dormant
  183. Pinions and Motor Shafts
  184. Does my Z axis pinion need to be replaced ?
  185. Dust Skirt and Dust Collection
  186. Rough movement in the x y and z axis
  187. VFD Mounting Location
  188. Vacuum Zone Layout
  189. Desktop y axis
  190. Help! Bought PRTAlpha 60x120 w/ SEV HSD AT/MT 1073-140 Spindle and Yaskawa V74X VFD
  191. Random Stops
  192. Z-motor removal
  193. Belt Reduction and Z Upgrades
  194. Cooling fan on 5hp Colombo spindle - replacing?
  195. spindle fan blows up out the top or down through the spindle?
  196. Stuttering movement
  197. I can't remember what I used on ramping on my prt alpha.
  198. table base coordinates
  199. Z Axis seems wrong in SB3
  200. Can't Flatten Table??
  201. DualVee dust cover replacement felt wipers
  202. Help Re-installing PRT with Yaskawa VFD
  203. Rattling noise when I zero my shopbot
  204. PRT Has to warm up before it maintains connection
  205. Need new vacuums
  206. Air Drill Wiggle
  207. How do you reverse the z direction?
  208. Spindle Fan wiring
  209. Checking your PRS for square
  210. Reassigning drivers to different axis
  211. Tramming the Y axis on PRS alpha, where to adjust?
  212. Spindle still spinning long time
  213. Spindle sinks overnight
  214. Need drill pattern for 2001 PRT Z Cast Aluminum Mount for PC 7518 Router
  215. Upgrades and Accessories
  216. Finally got a ShopBot
  217. Resurface cutter pattern question
  218. Installing new pinions
  219. Grounding my dust collection system.
  220. Rack and pinion maintenance
  221. calibration
  222. Older PRT 96 that has been ungraded to 4G box shuttering issues
  223. How to get a single phase spindle working with 3 phase power?
  224. change x and y axis
  225. Need Help in the Charlotte Area with my Shop bot
  226. Upgrade
  227. What is good enough in making basic table adjustments?
  228. Grounding Wire for Dust Collector
  229. Welding X car questions
  230. How flat should my 2.5" x 1.5" rectangular support tubes be?
  231. Comm loss is driving me bonkers
  232. MEASURE TWICE, WELD TWICE Gantry Welding follow-up
  233. The flattest table ever?
  234. Reference material for machine tightening
  235. fan for yaskawa v7-4x fan vfd?
  236. How to square beam on Desktop Max
  237. Controlling vacuum table warpage
  238. Z-Axis Linear Guide Replacment Options - PRS 4 x 8
  239. What’s your thoughts on a new used computer?
  240. Drivers Not loading
  241. I need of a Shopboter or Tech that can help me assemble and set up a Shopbot in Miami
  242. X1-Axis Motor Vibrating on Intricate/Small movements
  243. Moving Shopbot PRS Stsndard 48x96
  244. New Spindle
  245. Question for limit switches and shield in driver cables.
  246. Service work in NE Florida
  247. How tram spindle front to back (X-Z plane)
  248. Hole not round
  249. Assembly Help - Buford GA
  250. any electricians in the house?