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  1. Improving elapsed time estimates...
  2. Hidden Control Software
  3. Pretty please Santa, with Birdseye maple on top.
  4. Basic questions
  5. Spindle Start Prompt
  6. Position values don't match sbp file?
  7. Repeating files offset subroutine
  8. Zeroing commands
  9. Looking for .LOG files
  10. New Commands
  11. Can I use the VI command to cut a Arch in z-plane?
  12. Help with speeds and feeds
  13. Help with Commands
  14. Going from inches/sec to inches/min
  15. Z Zero Error with V3.6.1
  16. Tell me about 3.6.1
  17. 3.6.1 & MS Office
  18. Setting mutiple Z locations....
  19. Sb3.6.5 ??
  20. Constant velocity?
  21. &FILE = &FILELOC
  22. CC vs CR
  23. Tool Database Error in SB3 Preview
  24. Cuting a round edge in z axis
  25. Aspire to ShopBot Control Software v3 Question
  26. Having difficulty getting SBControl trying to position cut files accurately.
  27. Tip for Tools Database...
  28. Probe file
  29. Drill Offsets
  30. Minor Glitch in 3.6.16?
  31. help with loop
  32. Return Without Gosub...
  33. Run Time Error
  34. Z- Zero plate thickness ?
  35. User variables
  36. Odd pauses since 3.6.2 update
  37. cut speeds neglected
  38. Anyone using the "ShopBot Direct to Machine" postP?
  39. Help creating custom files for xy zero with laser
  40. Extruder and ramping up/down
  41. My Bot started acting strangely today…
  42. No pi for me?
  43. Spindle on all the time?
  44. Problems with SB 3.6.36
  45. Looking for a Way to Change Defaults of the [FP] Fill-in Sheet
  46. To many lines in this file
  47. Pause file to Change (MS) speed
  48. RPM dialog box
  49. Too Many Gosubs...
  50. Issue with beta SB
  51. Lying about bit size to affect part size
  52. Table limits & limit switches
  53. FG command in preview vs move/cut
  54. Shopbot Code Geeks - request for unique file
  55. Combining C2 with a FP command....
  56. Control software to help orientate printed sheets
  57. Plunge to surface after CR
  58. Repeating cutting path with offset
  59. tool path orientation
  60. help with the extruder
  61. How to switch between metric and US units?
  62. Resolution Multiples in VU sheet
  63. [VR]
  64. Nudge?
  65. Cutting an arc
  66. How do I stop recording files?
  67. lead in and out
  68. cut screen
  69. Font on command screen
  70. Changing Spindle RPMs
  71. PEPS Software
  72. Running jog commands only.
  73. Tool bars and commands
  74. Looping a file
  75. Done with Control Software 3.8.32!!!! Stick a fork in it!!
  76. Shopbot V3 Questions
  77. Feeds, speeds, and cut depth question
  78. Display Elapsed time
  79. Customizing the G-code
  80. %complete and elapsed time missing from screen
  81. SB3 'Material Size' different than Aspire 8.5 'Job Size and Position, how to fix?
  82. Removing the Router/Spindle message box
  83. How might I change the position of a piece from a G-code file in SB3?
  84. Changing safe z in VC (temporarily)
  85. can i create a tool path that i can follow manually
  86. Dual Spindle RPM Control
  87. “nudge” command question...
  88. Tool path dropping into "ATC_XYZ_Home.sbp" unexpectedly
  89. Rank Beginner Here
  90. System variables question...
  91. other hardware
  92. How to check for offset-mode inside a sbp file... ?
  93. Go home
  94. having difficulties reading CSV data from sbp file...
  95. Is there a carriage return character in INPUT box text?
  96. PRT control software installation
  97. Person in So Cal needed to troubleshoot SB3 software
  98. Relationshp between ShopBot VR values and Aspire Bit Settings
  99. Old computer bit the dust
  100. safe z change for cutter clearace