View Full Version : Z-contact cannot clear

03-31-2010, 09:31 PM
I have a zero plate input giving me problems. I have connected the wire properly and when I touch the zero plate to the bit the input light one comes on like it should. When I run the zero plate routine the error message cannot clear z-input contact. When I run the zero plate routine I make sure that input one is off before I run it. I have the clip on the machine and I know I am getting a good contact. I have tried reversing the wires as suggested in earlier post but that did not fix the problem.

Now I wonder if it is something to do with the circuit board wiring. I have zero plate wire into the number one input and I have the clip into the ground. I also have the prox switches sharing the ground in the circuit board. Could that be the problem?

Any suggestions?

Gary Campbell
03-31-2010, 09:46 PM
What model machine do you have?

What software version are you running?

Have you installed proper firmware?

Have you installed USB drivers?

Have you selected the proper machine settings?

The prox switches also need to be grounded. What color are the wires going from the prox to ground? Its unlikely this is the problem, but its good to be sure.

If the wires are reversed tp Zzero plate, Input 1 light will come on when clip is touched to ground.