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08-11-2002, 06:55 AM
For the last year I have been trying to drum up work in the homebuilt airplane market using my shopbot. I was even working on a design that I could sell the plans for and cut out kits with the shopbot. But I came to the idea that the design can be done by public domain and public ownership and be free to download. Right now there are NO homebuilt airplane plans that take full use of cnc technology. I also thought of how many shopbots there are out there and how many schools are pushing to teach technology in cnc and aviation - even building airplanes in classes. Perfect fit. Schools with a shopbot making airplane parts for schools building airplanes. It almost makes me cry
A cheaply built airplane mostly made on a shopbot. Ya! Here's the link for the chat page. It's just starting out but has a lot of potential. Please chime right in especially if you would offer your services reasonably. All demographics needed to make it work.

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I'm starting a new homebuilt aircraft forum - free airplane plans - "By the People - For the People." it will only take off when we get enough talent and experienced people involved. That would be you ! Info at the site :

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