View Full Version : Can shop bot do this?

02-22-2004, 08:39 AM
Hello, I am considering the purchase of a benchtop shopbot for my small workshop here in uk. After much reading of literature and this forum I still have the following questions:
1. The accuracy is stated as .015" (bout 1/2 millimeter) - does this apply to a slot 2" long or is it over a full 4ft length?
2. The motor carriage moves 820mm along the gantry and the bed moves 600 mm. Is this the right way round? Would it be possible (with plenty of support) to increase the bed movement to say 1200mm by purchasing some longer components?
3. Has anyone tried putting a small grinding wheel in the router and using it to grind shaped HSS profiling cutters?
3. Is there anyone in the uk with one of these that I can go and look at?